Cross Country - Summer of 2008


cross country

Maya Moo



Leaving my town of Driver, after it was swallowed up by a tornado was hard, however I decided to embark of a 4,500 mile journey to retrieve a 1957 Chevrolet truck and a 1941 Dodge panel truck


Some people are crazy, some people are insane, I am both of those.

Enclosed are some pictures of the trip to Utah and back via the 1957 and the 41 strapped down on the old farm truck which would not cruise past 45 miles an hour...  We rode the train from VA  to Fort Morgan CO which took 48 hours,  then picked up the 1957 in Windsor CO. Drove it to Denver to work on it, then to Grantsville Utah, and loaded the 1941 Dodge one the back of the 1957 with a crane. We Stopped back in Denver and then proceeded to cross the country with my newly found machines.   Climbing the nations mountains with the 57 was an uncomfortably awesome experience. Night time driving was mandatory until I reached VA line early Monday morning at 12:30 am and rested at a rest stop there. The worst part of the trip was driving nonstop from Columbia Missouri to VA state line. It to me 30 +  hours, and again became aware of mountains as it was an 800 mile venture to the VA state line.  I averaged 28 miles an hour during that gruesome leg of the trip... With more than 8 free tows between phone insurance and AAA, I was not looking forward to the face on the tow truck driver should I break down O:)    I am full of lots of insanely crazy  stories and thank God for and prayerfully safe trip, my friends, Jim who helped me get there and back unscathed but very greasy, Paul, Joe, &  Dave in Denver, who helped me mechanically mastermind the venture, and for Master Card who funded the operation :O) !   May God Bless you as he has blessed me  : )   when I returned I was so glad to see my dog Maya and no more gas stations.!




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